Your personal voice assistant

AVA is transparent and secure.
No storage of any personal data.

With AVA your data remains confidential and secure.

Free of Charge

There are no costs for you through the usage of AVA. Both the download and the usage is free of charge.


The source code of AVA is openly available and thus underlines the high transparency of the system.

Intuitive Use

Thanks to an NLU (Natural Language Understanding Engine) AVA is able to understand and interpret various formulations.


AVA differentiates itself from other assistants by working exclusively for its direct user. That's you.

AVA has the answers to your questions.

Do your daily tasks easier and faster. Quickly check a few facts, make an appointment or learn something new.

"Hey AVA"

- With these words the service can be activated.

AVA can send messages or make calls for you if, for example, you are driving or have your hands full. So you can stay in touch without moving a finger. View messages, events or notifications when you need them.

Discover the possibilities of AVA.

AVA learns new skills every day and is getting better and better.


AVA understands your questions about the weather and can give you information about the weather around the world.

Alarm clock

Set a countdown or alarm clock with the commands: "timer in 10 minutes" or "Set an alarm for 3:30."

Music and Videos

AVA plays videos and music for you. To do so, it accesses established and public video platforms like Youtube.


AVA keeps you informed about the latest events and news. Both in Germany and internationally. For this purpose it draws on various sources for a good overview.


AVA is able to answer various general questions. So she can tell you who the 37th president of the USA was or exactly how old Angela Merkel is.


Can't decide what to drink? Ask AVA something like, "Coffee or tea?"

What our users say

Finally, a voice assistant who won't sell my data. And he even comes from Europe.
Martha Unger
AVA has found the healthy balance between quality and privacy. clear recommendation!
Mike Choo
UI Designer
AVA is constantly being improved and user wishes are taken into attention during development.
Joachim Philipe

Important questions at a glance

Is there an AVA speaker?

We concentrate on improving the Android app continuously, but a separate box is planned for the future.

What does AVA cost ?

AVA is and will remain free for private users.

Is my personal data really safe?

Data protection is a top priority for us and forms the basis of AVA. Now and in the future.

Where can I contact you if functions are missing ?

Suggestions for new functions can be sent by e-mail to gesendet werden.