Voice control for companies

AVA can be linked to your applications.
Transparent and secure in your own cloud.

Process optimization through intuitive voice commands

Language represents the most natural form of interaction for us humans. And because speaking is much faster than typing by hand, searching by voice search or performing functions is far more efficient and faster. With AVA you can make important information from your applications available to your employees.

"Hey AVA"

- With these words the service can be activated.

For example, the voice assistant can also provide helpful services in the car by writing a desired e-mail draft or managing appointments and notes in the internal system via voice command while driving. This is not only practical, but also safer. In addition, you could have internal databases searched by voice command without moving a finger.

Benefit from a dedicated cloud instance for your company

Every company receives its own cloud instance from us in the Open Telekom Cloud with which AVA then exclusively communicates.

You retain full control over your data

You have full control over your data and at the same time benefit from strict data protection guidelines in accordance with the DSGVO in the highly secure data centres. The servers are all located in Germany.

High performance thanks to scalable server performance

The availability zones of the Open Telekom Cloud are interconnected via high-speed, low-latency networks. Thanks to twin-core technology, the provider ensures maximum protection against downtime.

AVA as a Service

Configure your personal voice assistant

Create your personal voice assistant via a dashboard using drag & drop. You can choose between the freely available standard skills and benefit from additional premium skills such as managing e-mails or retrieving your own databases. If you need a special skill for your company, we can create a custom interface for you.

Standard Skills

Use all the freely available capabilities of AVA, which are also available to private users.

Premium Skills

Integrate your applications, databases and email inboxes with AVA to provide critical information to your employees.

Custom Skills

We develop your own skills for your company and create the desired interfaces.

Support your workplace and your employees with language assistance.

Internal databases

AVA can access their internal data without having to worry about it.


As a quality feature, AVA can even be operated in its own network so that sensitive data does not have to leave it.


AVA can be used very flexibly, either in-house as an assistant or for customer service in the hotel.

Language independent

AVA can act independently of the language, through its integrated translator it can already understand over 100 languages.


Using a graphical interface, they can build their own assistant via a dashboard using drag & drop.


Do you need help in developing your own functions or do you have any questions? Of course we are always at your disposal.

AVA combines data protection and performance

Until now, you have had to decide on one of these points. AVA is inspired by the scalable architecture of established systems, as well as the privacy promise of existing open source projects. Never before have you been able to reach your information so securely and efficiently at the same time.
 AVA by A\\WAREAmazon AlexaGoogle AssistentMycroft
Open sourceYesNoNoYes
Verifiable data protectionYesNoNoYes
Self hostedYesNoNo(Yes)
High intuitiveness through state-of-the-art AI modelsYesYesYesNo
Able to learnYesYesYesNo
Usable on mobile devicesYesYesYesNo
Anonymization of the end userYesNoNoNo

You too can benefit from the full potential of AVA

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