AVA for developer

Support us via pull request on GitHub

We would of course be happy if you would support us in developing further skills.

Create your own GitHub fork

Implement your own instance of the AVA skill server and change the URL in the official one AVA-Client App. If you have developed useful skills that could also be of interest to other users, please send us a pull request on GitHub.

Our goal

With this project we want to create a framework that meets the highest standards for intelligent support.

Similar to Alexa and Co. Most of the processing should be carried out on cloud services. However, this project is completely open source, as data security and transparency are our greatest value. With an upstream NLU engine, we want to exceed the user-friendliness of local engines and at the same time ensure a high degree of transparency and data security.

To ensure a certain level of usability, the server must be equipped with several capabilities. In this matter we rely on the support and advice of the community. Feel free to comment, add, and use the service so that we can continually expand our services to eliminate the tolerance for data misuse when using language support. In addition, this opens up the possibility of using language support in areas with highly sensitive data such as in the health sector.